Adjudication and Marking System


Our judges are hired based on their teaching experience, in a dance studio setting, their adjudication experience, their dance teaching qualifications & dance specialities and years of experience in the Dance Education industry. They are dance educators that understand and appreciate the amount of passion, effort and skill it takes to train and choreograph young dancers. Dancers deserve honest and constructive feedback in order to improve, set new goals and reach their highest potential. Our judges comprehend that their feedback needs to be well rounded with constructive comments on how to improve, and take it to the next level, with a balance of what is working well for the dancer. All critiques are presented on VIDEO JUDGE. Video judge is an exceptional teaching tool that can be taken back to your studio, to allow the dancers and choreographers/instructors to view their routine on one DVD, while listening to the judges’ feedback, which in turn enhances the dancers’ educational experience.

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Each routine will be judged on a point system. Each judge can award up to 100 points based on: Proper Technical Execution, Strength and Control, Precision, Confidence & Presence, Costuming and Choreography.

With this adjudication system, multiple placements may be presented within each category, classification and age division. The adjudication placements will be as follows:

Marking System

Diamond Score of 93 to 100
*Diamond with Distinction will be awarded for marks 95+
Platinum Score of 90 to 92.99
High Gold Score of 87 to 89.99
Gold Score of 84 to 86.99
High Silver Score of 80 to 83.99
Silver Score of 79.99 & under

1st, 2nd & 3rd Placement Awards

OnStage Productions will also announce and present 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements when there are two or more routines in a category.


  1. All decisions of the judges and results of the competition are final. No teacher, participant or parent/guardian will question a judge or discuss scoring, comments or results with the judges. Nor will they walk in front of the judges table. Non-compliance of these rules could result in a participant/routine being disqualified and/or a teacher or parent/guardian being asked to leave the event.
  2. All teachers, parents/guardians and participants accept the manner and method of judging set forth by OnStage Productions. OnStage Productions has the right to change the manner or method at any time deemed necessary.
  3. The Mark Summary Sheet will be emailed to the Studio Director the day following the completion of the competition. Video Judge Critiques can be accessed through your Video Judge account and are available approximately 24 hours after the completion of the competition.