Rules and Regulations

Performance Schedule and Information Kits

A first draft of the proposed performance schedule will be emailed to your dance studio 4 to 6 weeks prior to the competition.

Upon receipt of the proposed performance schedule, it is up to your dance studio to carefully review all information to ensure that all of your entries have been correctly reflected and included in the proposed performance schedule. Any required changes must be emailed on or before the stated deadline.

A final performance schedule and information kit will be emailed to your dance studio 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the competition.

All routines must perform on the date and time scheduled. This will be strictly adhered to. The only exception will be for costume conflicts (less than 5 routines).

It is the responsibility of your dance studio to ensure that your participants are in attendance and ready to perform in full costume and stage make up 1 hour in advance of their scheduled performance time. If the event is running ahead of schedule, participants will be expected to perform early. All participants in a routine must check-in with the OnStage Productions Backstage Co-ordinator, 5 numbers in advance.

OnStage Productions will attempt, but cannot guarantee, that revisions to entries or additional entries that have been accepted and approved by OnStage Productions, after the registration deadline, will be reflected in the printed program for the competition (e.g., names of participants and routines).

OnStage Productions reserves the right to cancel or reduce days of any scheduled competition, as well as move the competition venue, due to unforeseen circumstances.


As the Directors of OnStage Dance Competition it is our responsibility to ensure our participants, their families and guests, as well as the Theatre Staff and the OnStage Staff are able to enjoy a family oriented atmosphere throughout the competition weekend.  Your music MUST be edited for any inappropriate/offensive language, derogatory references and racial slurs. As well, routines must be suitable for family entertainment, which not only includes age appropriate costuming & choreography but also G rated themes in the choreography that is being presented.

Any music or material that could be deemed offensive to the public or that may have a negative impact for OnStage will be subject to a range of consequences that can be enforced by the Directors of OnStage and/or the Judging Panel: Point Deductions, Adjudication Only or Disqualification.  We strongly encourage you to download the lyrics to your songs & listen to your music (especially hip hop music) prior to arriving at the competition. If you are unsure or have any questions please contact us prior to the competition.

Given the subjective nature of performances, what is deemed inappropriate is not a perfect science therefore, some people may find the decisions of the Judges & OnStage Directors too lenient, while other times too strict.  As the Directors of OnStage we take the decision to penalize a routine for inappropriateness very seriously and will make every effort to ensure a positive family oriented experience is achieved!

All music must be uploaded through your DanceBUG account. Music upload must be completed 21 days prior to the start of the competition event.

Your dance studio must provide a backup copy of all routine music on a USB stick or other device, labeled with your studio name. Please ensure that all music files on the USB stick or other device are labeled by the correct routine/song title that corresponds with the song title registered in DanceBUG.

A technician will play all music from the music table/booth. Therefore, teachers will not be allowed in the music area while their music is being played unless technical difficulties occur which merit the back up music to be used and the technician has indicated that assistance is needed in locating the back up music.

All back up music can be picked up from the music area immediately following your last routine of the competition.

OnStage Productions is not responsible for lost or missing back up USB sticks or other devices nor it is responsible for any USB sticks or other devices that are not picked up immediately following the event.


Studio Director Agreement & Waiver Studio Directors will be provided with a detailed waiver/agreement that must be signed and returned to OnStage Productions before their studio’s reservation/registration is confirmed.

Participation Waivers All participating dancers/their parents (if participant is under 18 years of age) will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability and Terms of Participation Agreement. These will be provided to the studio director 4 to 6 weeks prior to the start of the competition.

Good Sportsmanship: Participants, their teachers and their families are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and general support to all participants. Coaching during the performance, in any form, is prohibited. Excessive noise will result in disqualification or ejection from the premises.

Eligibility for Overall Awards: In order to be eligible for Overall Awards and the Top Studio Award, there must be a minimum of 5 group routines entered by the studio.

Award Money: All award money is awarded to the Studio Director; with the exception of Choreography Awards, which is presented to the Choreographer of the routine. In the event that a location has not received the maximum number of entries OnStage Productions reserves the right to reduce the sum of cash scholarships.

Trophy/Award Pick Up: All trophy and awards must be picked up by the director or studio representative prior to the end of the competition. OnStage productions will not incur the cost of shipping trophies and awards after the event.

Inquiries: All inquiries to OnStage Productions will be made through the participating studio’s Director or Instructor.

Performance Order: Participants must perform in the scheduled sequence unless special permission is granted by the OnStage staff. Intentional manipulation of the performance schedule will result in disqualification.

Studio Identity: Studio logos/names should not be visible during or in between performances (e.g. when placing props, etc.).

Second Attempt of Performance: A participant making a second attempt to a routine may be adjudicated but no mark will be given, and therefore will not be eligible for overalls, except in the Novice division. If there are technical difficulties this rule will not apply.

Backstage Rules: Only dance studio designates with proper identification can be backstage or in the wings. In no other circumstances will any other person be allowed backstage or in the wings during the competition except for OnStage Productions personnel, adjudicators or anyone else designated by OnStage Productions to be in these areas.

Props on Stage: Props may be used if they are free standing and easily moveable on and off stage. No props that could pose a danger or alter the surface of the stage are allowed, such as fire, swords, knives, live animals, paint, baby powder, etc. Throwing of liquids, confetti or glitter, etc., is not permitted. No special effects or lighting is permitted (e.g. dry ice, strobe lights etc.).

Clean-up of Littered Stage: If the stage is littered during a performance, the participant(s) are responsible to ensure the stage is cleaned immediately following his/her routine.

Costumes/Music: Elaborate costumes are not necessary. However, all routines should be uniform and all attire should compliment the style or theme of the performance and be tasteful and appropriate for family entertainment. Routines with suggestive costuming and/or sexual, violent or drug related themes are not acceptable. Music must be edited for any inappropriate language. Routines that are found to be inappropriate will be subject to a point deduction or disqualification.

Practice/Warm-Up: Absolutely no practicing or warm-up is allowed in the theatre, foyer or backstage except in areas designated by OnStage Productions for these purposes. Practice and warm-up in non-designated areas may be grounds for disqualification.

Footwear Restrictions: All participants are forbidden to wear dance shoes in any part of the theatre, except on stage, in the rehearsal hall, or when lining up to go on stage. At all other times, street shoes must be worn. Furthermore, no substance of any kind will be allowed on shoes except for rosin during performance on stage.

Change Room/Dressing Area Cleanliness: Any dance studio or participant that abuses the change room/dressing area will be disqualified. Each dance studio and its participants will be responsible for totally cleaning their area and may incur an invoice for cleaning services if not left the way it was found.

Food, Beverages and Smoking Restrictions: Proper conduct in the building is essential. No gum, food or drinks will be allowed in the auditorium, change rooms/areas, backstage, etc. Food and drinks can be consumed in designated areas only. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the venue.

Supervision of Children: Children must be chaperoned at all times by the dance studio they are affiliated with or by their parent/guardian.

Personal Injury/Property Damages or Loss: OnStage Productions, its directors, employees and promoters, assume no responsibility or liability for personal injury, damages or property loss to any participant, parent/guardian, dance studio or members of the audience which may be sustained by them while at an event, no matter how caused.

Damages to Venue: Anyone found vandalizing or causing a disruption on or around the premises where the event is being held will be: will be subject to disqualification, in the case of a participant; liable for payment of repairs and/or will be asked to leave the event.

Advertising: All participants, their parents/guardians and dance studio give permission to OnStage Productions for any photographs and video footage taken of them to be used in the promotion of OnStage Productions including, but not limited to, advertising and publicity on television, in brochures, websites, videos and newspapers. OnStage Productions has the right to use all award winners names and dance studio information in upcoming brochures and promotional advertisements.

Videotaping & Photography: Filming, photography or video taping of any part of the competition is prohibited except by OnStage Productions personnel. The competition will stop until a camera is put away, and the person may be asked to leave the event or to leave the camera with an OnStage Productions personnel until the day of competition is completed and then the camera will be returned. Our events are non-ticketed, open door events which means anyone can watch; which is why we do not allow photography or video taping/fliming of any kind for the safety of all participants.

Microphones for Vocalists: Vocalists must provide their own microphone. Please inform our office of the type of microphone being used so we can inform our theatre technicans in advance.

Eligibility Challenges: Challenges of eligibility concerning age or professional status must be presented to an OnStage Productions Director, in writing, before or during the competition. A decision regarding eligibility will be made by the OnStage Productions Directors before or at the competition. If it is found that a member of a routine is ineligible, the entire routine will be disqualified.

Cancellation: OnStage Productions reserves the right to cancel any competition if not enough entries are received to run the event.

Deposit and Entry Fees are Non-Refundable. In the extraordinary circumstance that a live event is not able to run (example: global pandemic) then the event will move to a different format such as: Live – Studio Blocks, Live/Virtual combination or Full Virtual. The format would comply with all guidelines and regulations set forth by the municipality, province, and Health Canada.