What People are Saying

“Bravo! I was very impressed by the organization of your dance competition. The competition ran on time and your backstage staff was very helpful and accommodating. The performance awards the judges gave made the awards sessions very informative. The judges were extremely knowledgeable in their field. As an adjudicator myself, I know there is always something we can learn from other dance educators. As for the teachers’ gift bags, you were very generous to not only the director, but to other teachers in the studio. Thank you! The trophies are very substantial and well made. The extra cash awards and gift cards were unexpected and certainly appreciated! This was our first experience with Video Judge and I have to say, it’s the only way to go! What a great learning and teaching tool. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of entering Onstage Productions Dance Competition and look forward to entering your competition again next year!”

Sharon Leeming Mann ~ Leeming Danceworks

“Your staff is so friendly! I like that you give performance awards to everyone in the group and it is great that you present trophies for the overall awards. The judges’ comments and interaction with the dancers has made this a great learning experience.”

Comment Box ~ Ottawa Event

Dear Melanie & Rhonda,
I wanted to compliment you on your inaugural season for On Stage Productions.
Having been around many competitions over the years as a dancer, teacher, director,
organizer and judge, I have had an opportunity to see first hand which ones are top
notch – needless to say…On Stage Productions is right on top!! From your very
personable approach with studio directors, to the energetic atmosphere at awards
time, to the professional feeling that surrounds the competition from the first
dancer of the day to the last, you have outdone yourself. I would highly recommend
studios participate in one of your venues for a fantastic experience in dance
competition for not only the students and parents but the teachers and directors.
Your hospitality is second to none.

Julieann Lewis ~ Adjudicator

“My experience judging for Onstage was refreshing! I am so impressed by how organized and efficient these two women are. They’ve really got it together and as a result run one of the best competitions I’ve ever had the privilege of working for.”

Annie Graham ~ Adjudicator

“I wanted to tell you that there was a lot of positive feedback about Onstage. Just yesterday, a parent told me they thought your judges did a very good job. We have certainly appreciated the ‘Video Judge’ format. Also, we thought the Ottawa venue was great not to mention how well organized everything was over the weekend. Looking forward to more competitions with Onstage!”

Parent ~ Leeming Danceworks

“We had a great time! I like that you present trophies for the Overall Awards; and so do my students. Great Teacher’s Lounge! Thanks.”

Beth Cornwall ~ Grand River Academy of Dance

“I have never been to a competition where teachers have a lounge & catered meals! Never in 10 years! Thanks for thinking about us.”

Comment Box ~ Waterloo Event

“From the gift bags to the great staff, from the hot catered meals to a comfortable working schedule, it was all GREAT!!!. I had a great experience working for OnStage Productions.”

Jacques Monfiston ~ Adjudicator